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Why Did the Top Bank Executive Leave?
No one at the bank would explain. Within two days, OnCall Research not only discovered where the EVP had relocated, but...


Families Flocked to the Movies During the Recession, We Pounced on Cinema Stocks.
Going to the movies has never been more popular as 3-D technology and improved customer service at new cinemas brought in more profits.  We studied a basket of cinema related companies and recommended Cinemark at $9.50 and IMAX at $12.  The rest is movie history.


When the First Lady Chose Their Sweaters, We Chose Their Stock.
The mall outside Boston was a ghost town except at J. Crew.  We got critical information on
 J. Crew JCG and called for a buy at $18 in May 2009 and a sell to take profits at $46 by year end.


Ah!  That Stretch Feels So Good!
Lululemon Athletica LULU was selling out of their stylish, high tech athletic apparel at full price when other stores were empty.  We called a buy in May 2009 at $8 on this coveted apparel and a sell to take profits at $42.


What Floats Your Boat?
We have followed West Marine WMAR for almost 20 years through hurricanes and recessions.  West Marine thrived when Boater’s World closed. West Marine was getting their business ship-shape during the Recession.


Apple Was Shining When All the Other Stores were Dark.
Anyone could pick Apple at $195 a few months ago, but we said buy, buy, buy when  AAPL was less than $100.  The Apple Store was packed with everyone from toddlers to savvy seniors even when the Recession was at its deepest .


Are conference calls, press releases…number crunching REALLY enough?

OnCall Research…your Private Detective

provides Investment Managers with

Fast...Original…Research to give you


Services We Provide:

  • Targeted Research and Evidence in 2-3 days, reported immediately by phone or email.
  • Proprietary: We give you an edge because we only work for you.
  • No Conflict of Interest: OnCall Research is independent of investment banks.
  • Store checks: We check out the company and its competitors.
  • Due Diligence: Interviews with senior-level management and with leading industry experts on trends and technologies.
  • Investment Ideas
  • Fee: Retainer or project-based.

"I've made more MONEY from OnCall Research than from any other analyst. They get me original, critical information fast."

Mutual Fund Money Manager


"OnCall Research has gotten me data I couldn't get from any other source. They often come up with data that is totally unexpected."

Hedge Fund Manager


"Sometimes I think OnCall Research is in espionage. They charm people into talking."

Technology Investment Analyst


"We found winning stocks while the recession was the darkest. While others hid behind their monitors, we searched the real world for survivors. We make our clients money in good times and bad."

Falk & Raborn,


Are quarterly conference calls, press releases and number crunching enough?

To get an edge you need original research.

We beat the street by giving you data before it is published



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