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Clients Our clients have a broad variety of investment styles -- from long-term investors in small cap companies to money managers for large mutual funds. References are provided upon request. All research is adapted to the needs of the clients.

Proprietary We give you an edge because we only work for you. All work is confidential and proprietary. We do not share the names of companies under study. Nor do we share information among clients unless a client has taken a position and requests that other potential investors are notified.

No conflict of interest OnCall Research is independent of investment banks. Our data is unvarnished and not shared among clients.

Fee Retainer or project basis.

Retainer contracts are recommended. OnCall Research maintains a careful mix of clients to guarantee that we can conduct our research when needed and provide timely feedback. While OnCall Research can accommodate single projects, they are billed at a higher rate.

Industries Covered OnCall Research investigates a variety of industries and companies.

Our Approach for Each Investment Project

  • Gather general research on a product and industry. Check with ongoing sources.
  • Identify Contacts -- determine the best people to interview and how to contact them, where to get contact numbers, etc.
  • Develop Strategy -- craft questions and develop the best approach to present investigation to contacts
  • Make the Calls -- conduct interviews with contacts, many calls may be needed to produce a contact
  • Provide Feedback and Customize Research -- report information to the client as meaningful data is received; customize the investigation to meet client's requirements
  • Ongoing interview calls, feedback and refinement of questions - call more contacts, provide feedback to client and adjust questions based on new data

Are quarterly conference calls, press releases and number crunching enough?

To get an edge you need original research.

We beat the street by giving you data before it is published.


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