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WHAT WE DO: Customized Investigative Research


"Some people have called Ruth Falk a spy. All I know is she can charm people into talking and she is tenacious. She has a special talent."

Mutual Fund Manager

Grass-roots Channel Checks

OnCall Research performs targeted, customized research for investment clients over a period of 2 to 3 days and reports immediately by telephone or email.  We blend original market research with investigative interviews to assess issues affecting current and potential investments.

The team from OnCall Research talks with management and conducts extensive channel checks with suppliers, competitors, customers, former employees--anyone who can provide needed sources and insight. We evaluate each company in the context of current trends and pressures that affect the company’s financial health.

"Somehow the OnCall Research team can discover shifting trends before the industry announces the next hot color or the next ‘got-to-have-it' electronic gadget. They have their feet on the street."

Retail Industry Analyst


Private Detectives

OnCall Research can provide a "reality check" for your current or future investment decisions by providing access to information - accurately and quickly - going directly to the source. We are able to convince people who are usually reluctant to share their views on a particular product or service to tell us what we need to know.



  • Channel checking: customers, distributors, value-added resellers, competitors, retailers, wholesalers and suppliers
  • Store checks of a company and its competitors
  • Due diligence interviews with senior-level management and with leading industry experts on trends and technologies
  • Investment Ideas

Are quarterly conference calls, press releases and number crunching enough?

To get an edge you need original research.

We beat the street by giving you data before it is published.

"OnCall Research has gotten me data I couldn't get from any other source. They often come up with data that is totally unexpected."

Hedge Fund Manager


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